Some information about Fragile Audio Promotions

Fragile Audio – Promotions

We have started a new promotions company with the view of helping struggling artists in the music industry. The company was formed by Matt Gough and Finn Williams in 2018. Matt is also the founder of his own band Fragile Audio which started in 2003 and over the years have built a huge network of artists and promoters that will help make this a massive success for everyone involved!

Our main view is to get local smaller artists to play with some really well known bigger artists in some fantastic venues. We have spoken with a charity called Audio Active which are looking forward to working with us.  We currently are working with The Victoria Theatre which is for now where we will be holding our events but hope to grow and hold events in many fantastic locations.

Upcoming Events & Venues

From starting a promotions company just three guys that worked together in our day jobs we have now landed ourselves a pretty much permanent venue at the Victoria Theatre in Halifax. Although we will be putting other events on in other venues we are excited to have become booking agents for this amazing venue. 

Our opening night as Fragile Audio Promotions will be held on the Victoria Theatre on the 9th of February 2019 however we have lots of dates that we can hold events throughout 2019 so get in contact if you want to be involved.

Victoria Theatre Halifax Tour

Here is a short little video we did on the 3rd of October 2018 of the Victoria Theatre in Halifax, presented and edited by Matt Gough. Tickets for our opening event should be on sale soon so head over to our Facebook page to stay updated with everything going on so that you don’t miss out on the tickets!

Previous Events